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Professional Dog Trainer at Your Service


Who am I ?

You can find out more about me, Chris Harvey, by reading below. With the services I offer, I am sure you and your dog(s) will be happy spending time with Kompletely K9. I have worked with countless dog owners all over the Midlands area and beyond, helping them develop happy and healthy relationships with their pets.

 My Professional Background

I am a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and I also provide temperament testing assessments for the British Rottweiler Association and the Scottish Rottweiler Club.

I have worked in the dog training industry for over 25 years, and  have gained invaluable experience along the way, including the  handling and training  of Police Dogs in a variety of specialist roles. I now concentrate on helping clients with the development and training of their pet dogs right across the Midlands area.

Continued Professional Development is crucial in the dog training industry and I update my knowledge regularly  by researching and studying relevant material whilst attending seminars when possible.  I remain passionate around the emotional well being of dogs and without this inner calm, dogs will not be receptive to learning.  Trained in canine first aid, I can also provide general advice on diet and nutrition and the effect diet can have on physical well being and brain health. For more specialised dietary advice I can facilitate contact with a registered canine nutritionist. I also educate dog owners on current government legislation relating to responsible dog ownership following legislative changes.

Decades of experience

Training Methods...

I only use kind, positive reward-based training methods to ensure training remains safe,fun and effective for you and your dog. Training this way means your pet will learn to please and not learn to fear. Besides being cruel and potentially harmful forceful training methods do not work as any learning is inhibited due to stress responses generated by dogs when harsh methods are used. All training sessions are carried out under the ethos of my one-to-one dog training sessions where you and your dog are afforded one hundred per cent attention.


Find Me on Social Media

You can also find me on ​Facebook and Instagram using the links below. For those people who use ​Linkedin  you can also follow Kompletely K9 there !

 For more information on the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers please visit their Website and to find out more about the British Rottweiler Association and the Scottish Rottweiler Club please visit their official Facebook pages.

Thank you!

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