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Helping Your Dog Stay Healthy and Active


Canine Diet and Nutritional Advice

Kompletely K9 offers general advice on how the food you give your dog can directly affect their health and well-being. Whilst many owners choose their pets’ regular diet due to cost and convenience, many are blissfully unaware of what goes into these foods. I can help dog owners understand the vital importance of a healthy canine diet for their beloved pets.

Feeding your dog poorly constituted food can have a detrimental effect on general physical wellbeing and mental health, and you could be doing untold damage in the long term. Many behaviour issues can be linked to providing an incorrect diet or feeding regime for your dog. Certain types of Amino acids found in proteins can help enormously in the regulation of your dogs brain function and subsequent behaviour.

There are also other health issues to be aware of; many dog owners tell me their pet suffers from skin complaints. Once again, some of these cases can be attributed to poor diet. Ingredients such as wheat and grains  commonly found in commercial dry dog foods can cause severe skin allergies making your dog feel unwell. Please contact me for further details and advice. For more specific dietary and nutritional queries I can provide contact with a qualified canine nutritionist.

Nutritional advice
Correct feeding practice
Behavioural issues and diet
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